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How to block proxy servers?


Our proxy detecting service is running live on this page. Visit this page using a proxy to see if our system detects it.

No Proxy Detected

What kind of proxy servers are detected?

When you add our script to your website it basically scans, tests and analyses the visitors on your site, or on a specific page it has been added to. The system automatically identifies the most common proxy variables, but also looks up the visitors IP in several real time updated databases. Our system detects all kind of proxy servers, including:

Web-bases proxies
CGI Proxy, PHProxy and Glype

Open proxies
SOCKS proxy and HTTP proxy

Proxy networks

And of course various anonymous proxies. Having problems with a specific proxy type, please contact us so we can solve the issue. As a user of our system, you can always use the instant whiteliste and blacklist to block a certain IP.

What happens if a proxy is detected?

As it on ecommerce sites would be bad to block any potential customer, our script per default redirects a proxy user to a page you specify. On this page you can ask the user to confirm its identify, request further information, let them call to confirm etc. It is entirely up to you and what is relevant on your website.

As our system scans the IP we also offer several add-on scripts:

  1. IP Lookup: Tells you what country a visitor is from.
  2. IP Email alert: Emails you if the country entered by the visitor and IP does not match.
  3. IP redirect: Redirects the visitor if user entered country and IP does not match.
We can also do custom scripts upon request. Need anything special, please contact us for a quote.